Crypto-index calculator

Do I buy Bitcoin? Maybe Ethereum? What about Ripple? And how much?

FEAR NOT! Here’s a little tool to help you answer these questions: Crypto-index calculator.

The calculator will fetch market data from Coinmarketcap API and tell you how to optimally re-balance your positions according to capitalization-weighted index (does not take into account fees and volume yet).

None of this is investment advise.


Did not find object for shallow <sha>

If you’re in a rush just mash those buttons:

vim .git/shallow↵
/<paste offending sha>↵

In plain english - remove the sha you’re getting in error message from .git/shallow file. You supposedly have a shallow copy of a repository and in that mode git sends contents of .git/shallow to remote you’re pulling from so that it knows what to send down the internet pipes. And one of those lines in shallow file is referencing an object that has been GCed from the repository.